Accessing the Archived Data

To view the archived data in SAP systems, the normal transaction that users perform does not show data unless we perform some actions. Create a secondary index via SAPF048S. Go to T-code: SE38 and execute SAPF048S


We can access the archived data by the Archive Information System and can check the Archive Information System by Clicking on the Information System button in the Archive Administration i.e. T code SARA


You will see screen as below:


Steps to create info structure:

Every Archive file accessed using Archive Information System is through infostructure. Every infostructure belongs to a unique Archiving objects and also refers to the Field Catalog. A Field Catalog is the collection of fields suitable for indexing the archive files of Archiving object concerned. All the data related to infostructure is maintained in database tables.

For creating an infostructure call T-code: SARJ or Click on the ‘Customizing’ button in the Archive Information System: Central Management as shown below


It will open an archive Retrieval Configurator, which is used to create an infostructure. User can create own infostructure or use the available standard infostructure. Before creating the own infostructure, one should check if there is any standard infostructure available. User can copy this infostructure and modify it according to the requirements.

Note: The standard infostructure SAP_DRB_MM_EKKO is used here


while creating an Infostructure one can determine the fields from the field catalogue and transfer them to the Infostructure. Some fields are already transferred to the infostructure. This cannot be removed as they are key fields


Activating an Infostructure:

To use an infostructure, user must activate the infostructure. All the standard infostructures will be already activated. Only after activating the infostructure it can be filled with data from archive file and evaluated. Once the infostructure is activated, it cannot be modified.

Evaluating an Infostructure

The data from the archive files can be retrieved using ‘Archive Explorer by calling T-code: SARE or by clicking on ‘Archive Explorer’ button in the Archive Information System: Central Management as shown below.


Archive Explorer screen is displayed as below. Enter the archiving Object name and Archive Infostructure name as given below and click on ‘Execute’ button.


The archived data is displayed here: